ICE-MAN BL-3GRC Gyro Upgrade Process (v3.x)

Setup Tool upgrade:

•  Download the software tool v3.x package from
and extract the files from the .zip archive into a folder on your Windows PC

•  Uninstall the PC Set up tool software before installing the new one (Control Panel -> Progams and Features, right click on BL-3G icon and select Uninstall)

•  Install the new one by double clicking the BL-3G.msi file and following prompts

•  Upgrade the BL-3GRC Gyro firmware by following the procedure below:


Firmware upgrade:

•  If not already done, download the firmware v3.x package from and extract the files from the .zip archive into a folder on your Windows PC

•  Connect the gyro to the PC via the mini USB connector

•  Hit the <Enable Tabs> button on the Quick Start page to enable all the setup pages, and go to the Upgrade page

•  Hit the green <Launch upgrade> button. A new window will open* (Gyro must be connected)

•  Making sure connection status indicates “Gyro connected” in the first little box, three easy steps follow (you may need to wait a moment for Windows to associate the driver)

Step 1: <Choose> the file (*.efu) which should have been saved to your PC hard drive or connected memory device (from the downloaded .zip file upgrade package)

Step 2: Enter the 40 digit key word provided in the BLProgrammerKey.txt file. Press the <Check> button when done.

Step 3: Press the <Upgrade> button. The upgrade will progress in two phases: Phase 1 erases the previous firmware, and phase 2 programs the new firmware. The complete re-programming time should be less than 20 seconds

•  When complete press the <Quit> button. You must now unplug your Gyro from the PC and also from any external battery to power cycle it

* If the upgrade window does not open after clicking the green <Upgrade> button make sure you have the following Windows components running by going to Control Panel -> Programs & Features (or Win 8 equivalent): Microsoft Windows .NET Framework and Microsoft Visual Basic ENU; if they are missing download and install from Microsoft