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New product info, new versions and press releases (click date for more info):
  Feb 2018 Live METAR Sectional Map Display

  Mar 2016 XF1 experimental UAV prototype maiden flight

  Oct 2015 XF1 experimental UAV for Reflex flight sim released (free download)
  Oct 2014 BL-Smart-SW battery isolation switch released  
  June 2014 RCGroups.com Review
  May 2014 BL-NAV-LV Nav Lights and Low Battery System released
  Apr 2014 BL-Crypto (File and Chat Encryption software released)
  Mar 2014 BL-3GRC version 3.4 firmware (v3.1 s/w tool) released
  Jan 2014 Airplane News Review  
  Jan 2014 Rotor Drone Review  
  Dec 2013 BL-3GRC version 3.2 firmware (v3.1 s/w tool) released
  Nov 2013 Electric Flight Review  
  June 2013 Airborne Review
  May 2013 Model Flyer Magazine Review
  May 2013 Independent Video Review by RCtestflight

April 2013

Bluelight Technologies BL-3GRC version 3.0 now available
(Free download at bluelight-tech.com)


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