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New product info, new versions and press releases (click date for more info):
  Feb 2018 Live METAR Sectional Map Display
(and python 2.7 code)

  Mar 2016 XF1 experimental UAV prototype maiden flight

  Oct 2015 XF1 experimental UAV for Reflex flight sim released (free download)
  Oct 2014 BL-Smart-SW battery isolation switch released  
  June 2014 RCGroups.com Review
  May 2014 BL-NAV-LV Nav Lights and Low Battery System released
  Apr 2014 BL-Crypto (File and Chat Encryption software released)
  Mar 2014 BL-3GRC version 3.4 firmware (v3.1 s/w tool) released
  Jan 2014 Airplane News Review  
  Jan 2014 Rotor Drone Review  
  Dec 2013 BL-3GRC version 3.2 firmware (v3.1 s/w tool) released
  Nov 2013 Electric Flight Review  
  June 2013 Airborne Review
  May 2013 Model Flyer Magazine Review
  May 2013 Independent Video Review by RCtestflight

April 2013

Bluelight Technologies BL-3GRC version 3.0 now available
(Free download at bluelight-tech.com)


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