[ Encryption ]

Simple strong encryption for PC files, Cloud Storage and Secure Chat (Windows 32/64)


Extremely strong encryption (AES-256 / AES-128 / Blowfish-64 / BLCrypto96 / AES-256+Blowfish64)

Encypted Chat

Encrypted text to word translation for public email services

Automatic decryption (self recognizing)

No third party keys

Extremely strong encryption for DropBox / Google Drive etc.
Folder structure retained (no single file after waiting an hour!)
Each file retains its file name and extension, easy to see what's encrypted
Easy to pick and choose what to decrypt
File page for detailed file Encryption / Decryption operations
Folder page for detailed folder Encryption / Decryption operations
Automatic decryption (self recognizing) regardless of encryption used
Automatic strong key generation from your password or phrase
Text input mode with link to your e-mail client to quickly send encrypted mail
Encrypted text to word translation for public email services
Encypted Chat (Internet & LAN, mutiple parties conference chat, configurable ports)
You decide password and encryption for your particular needs (speed / file size)
Stealth mode Automatically encrypts files copied to your Cloud folder or USB thumb drive

Don't be a victim of identity or data theft

Simple, Strong and Fast - why wait? Get yours today!

  Fully Licensed version (install on up to 3 PCs):
(Perpetual license - will be emailed within 12 hours of purchase)
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